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December 13, 2009



I am cautious of the words middle man, but I am curious the see how this will work.

Game changer scenario #8 Postal Ninjas
My first impression is that rather then waiting to get home from work to find a package that has been waiting for me for several hours to be opened, I will be on my commute and ninjas will drive up along side me in a shutl car, jump on my roof and carefully place my package inside for me.

Game Changer # 7 Pardon me sir, your package is showing.
In todays world the building I live in is the address, (for those lucky enough to have them) but with GPS and what not being more and more common, I suppose it is possible to hand deliver packages wherever I happen to be in the day, wether it's in traffic, or the shower, or closing the deal with investors.
(BTW Mr. Kim, I haz ur blk berry, all ur data are belong to me muah ha ha, have a nice flight home)

Game changer #6
Perhaps instead of a small business doing orders themselves they are out sourcing the task to others thus becoming one more step removed from the care they can give. How hard is it to email, or call the post anyway, and what makes Shutl immune to any of the pitfalls that all other business are faced with. Do algorithms deal well with postal workers calling in sick, or having to work over time and miss dinner at home and so on.

Change the game to you're liking, but please don't forget who we serve people. I shall give this a skeptical, proprietary, optimistic thumbs up.

Keep me posted (no blackberries were harmed in the making of this comment, puns void where prohibited)


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